Top 25 Reasons why it is better to buy furniture that is made, produced, manufactured or assembled in Canada.

Buying locally manufactured Canadian Furniture is better for the global environment because there is less transportation of the finished product.

  1. When you buy a product that is made 10,000 miles away from Canada then you are limiting your service options when you have a problem.
  2. Canadian upholstery manufacturers use mainly Canadian hardwood for frame construction. Locally grown wood is less likely to warp.
  3. Approximately 100,000 manufacturing jobs rely on the Canadian Furniture Industry.
  4. Large Canadian buying groups purchase much  of the Furniture that is imported from overseas (mainly China). This limits the individual consumer choice for Canadians who buy this furniture.
  5. Canadian Furniture manufacturers can give almost unlimited choice to consumers because they are flexible enough to produce one set at a time.
  6. Canadian Furniture manufacturers have a better understanding of how to build furniture for the large variations in the Canadian climate.
  7. The Canadian Furniture Manufacturing industry is worth more than $15 Billion to the Canadian economy.
  8. The quality and craftsmanship of furniture built in Canada is superior to furniture built overseas.
  9. One of the main objectives for buying overseas furniture is to pay  a low price. In many cases over 50% of the cost of  overseas  furniture is made up of transportation , duties, exchange and taxes.  These costs do not add any value to the furniture.
  10. Self covered decks are a standard feature of most Canadian Upholstery companies. This feature is rarely used by overseas and US furniture companies.
  11. Most US and overseas furniture companies use engineered laminates to build their upholstery frames. Canadian manufacturers generally use hardwood frame construction which is much stronger.
  12. Canadian solid wood furniture manufacturers lock in approximately 7% humidity into their wood. This prevents cracking and warping in our climate.
  13. There is very little solid wood furniture produced overseas for the Canadian consumer. Laminates and veneers need to be used because it is very difficult for  the overseas manufacturer to control warping and splitting of solid woods. Canadian Furniture manufacturers do not have this problem.
  14. Canadian Furniture is generally designed by Canadians. Local designers have a better understanding of how the furniture is being used.
  15. Canadian Manufacturers are obligated to build their furniture using strict Canadian Standards. The use of formaldehyde and other chemicals is not as tightly regulated in other overseas countries.
  16. Consumers who buy overseas furniture have to buy the furniture “the way they see it” or they have to wait a very long time to receive a custom order. Canadian manufacturers can generally produce custom orders in a 4 to 8 week period.
  17. Canadian Manufacturers are generally smaller in size relative to overseas manufacturers. This is a huge advantage to the Canadian consumer when custom features are involved. One on one relationships are often built between the Canadian manufacturer and the consumer.
  18. Canadian Interior decorators prefer to work with Canadian furniture manufacturers because of the quality and unlimited custom choices.
  19. Low cost and low quality overseas furniture  that may last a very short period of time is very harmful to the environment.  Our landfill sites are becoming a huge economic and environmental drain on our country.
  20. Working conditions and Health and  Safety Standards are much higher in Canadian companies than in many overseas countries.
  21. Large Canadian Furniture retailers  will refocus their attention to Canadian made furniture if more Canadians insist on better quality and better choice.
  22. Buying Canadian made furniture is not a sacrifice. It is an investment in quality and style with value that competes favourably with furniture produced anywhere in the world.
  23. Canada has one of the largest supplies of raw materials that go into the construction of furniture. We need to be a world leader in the manufacturing of furniture.
  24. Being a proud Canadian is very important to most people living in Canada. Buying  good quality Canadian Furniture is also a reason to be very proud. 


Rules about using “Made in Canada”  in advertising.

The Canadian Government “Competition Bureau” has specific rules about using a claim that a product was “Made in Canada”. Here are the General Requirements.

  1. The last substantial transformation of the goods must have occurred in Canada  and
  2. At least 51% of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the goods is Canadian.


Smitty’s  Fine Furniture commitment and understanding of the Canadian content of the products that we sell.

  1. We are committed to selling over 80% of our furniture from vendors who have manufacturing facilities in Canada.
  2. It is our understanding that the majority of the products we sell from these vendors meet the requirements of over 51% direct costs being  Canadian.
  3. There will always be exceptions. Most of the fabrics that our manufacturers use are imported. Canada does not have a large supplier of fabrics. 
  4. The last substantial transformation of the product will always be done at a Canadian Manufacturing facility.